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Free PSN Codes is safe and easy to use. Get your free PlayStation Plus membership or generate a PlayStation Store gift card now. Click on the "Claim free PSN Codes" button to start the generator. Below you can read how it works and what other gamers think.

Free PSN Codes for you!

Free PSN Codes are highly demanded. Ever since Sony launched the PlayStation Store (abbreviation PSN Store) many people are trying to obtain the offered content for free. Content such as new games, videos and movies. While the content is getting more and more expensive, why not try to get it for free. Unfortunately, there does not exist something as a free PSN Codes list. But what is available is a free PSN Code generator! Either you play with the PlayStation 3, 4, vita or portable, they all work under the same PlayStation Network. For this Network you need a PSN master account that comes with a wallet. If you want to use the PSN Store, you can connect your account to your debit or credit card. Do not worry, you can also get a free PSN Code.

How to get free Playstation Plus?

Follow these instructions to get your PlayStation code:

  1. Share Free PSN Codes on the web.
  2. Select the gift card that would like to receive the free PSN codes for.
  3. Copy or write down the code and fill it in on your PSN account.
  4. Enjoy and spread the word of free PSN codes!

*For more information visit the PSN code generator page.

PlayStation Plus Free Trial Code

Playstation plus free trial is available for only 14 days. This means you have unlimited online playing time. If you want to download content you will still need to use your online wallet. On you can get free PSN codes for a year. This gives you unlimited online playing time. This way we want to give you the time to really try out the functions and advantages of online gaming on your PlayStation. Free PlayStation Plus contains playing time, downloading content such as games and videos. After a year you will have to use the free PSN code generator again. Per visit we can only offer you one code generation. After you have generated your second code, the PSN store code, you can not only play but also download a certain amount of content. Of course this depends on the amount that PlayStation is charging for your preferred content. Usually, PlayStation charges 60,- Dollars for a game right after release. We think by offering you a free PlayStation Plus trial you can experience gaming on a new level.


Free PSN Codes

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Unlimited PlayStation Plus membership for free is real and 100% working!

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How To Use PlayStation Gift Card

Playstation offers several gift cards online. Those cards can give you money in the Playstation store or provide you a PlayStation membership. On you can get several free PSN codes. With these PSN codes you can redeem the PlayStation card that you chose to generate on this website. You can find short explanation of the different types of PlayStation cards below. If you like the possibilities you will get with your PlayStation account we would love to see you again. In the beginning there were not that much PSN cards because online multiplayer was for free. PlayStation changed their method, similar to Xbox. However, Xbox is something different and PlayStation is much more experienced. They noticed that earning money in this way was possible. Therefore we developed a PS4 code generator. The different PSN cards which can be chosen with the free PSN codes are the ones you can read below.

Free PSN codes free gift card store psn codes
Free PSN codes card on iphone

Unlimited Free PSN Cards

- PlayStation Store: This is a PlayStation Store $50 gift card for purchases like games in the PlayStation Store. You will get a code which you can use in the PlayStation Store as a $50,- dollar gift card. The amount will be added to your PlayStation wallet after filling in the free PSN code that you obtained from the generator.

- PlayStation Plus 3 months: This card gives you a PlayStation Plus membership for 3 months. With a free PlayStation Plus membership it is possible to play online on PS4, PS3 and PS Vita. Included is every month a new free games from the PlayStation Store. Normally this 3 months membership will cost $17.99, now it is for free!

- PlayStation Plus 1 year: This card offers you a PlayStation Plus membership for 1 year. The 12 month free PlayStation Plus membership makes it possible to game online with PS4, PS3 and PS Vita. Just like the 3 month version you can get a new free game from the PlayStation Store each month. This 1 year membership will cost $59.99 in store. With the PSN code generator it is for free! This 1 year membership is the longest period of time you can game online. After 12 months you are welcome to re-visit Free PSN Codes.

Even though, we do not offer all the available cards, we do offer everything you need to get the maximum out of your Playstation. It is possible to generate a card multiple times at one day. Please keep in mind that the cards are for free and you are not the only person gaming!

Free PSN Codes Social

Nowadays social media is very important. This is something Free PSN Codes understands. Therefore, we give a high value to social media. Below, by clicking on the icon, you can find our Facebook page. On this page we frequently post funny things like memes and other pictures. Sometimes we post special win actions or our much liked and read blog articles. Please Like and Share these posts so we can grow our PSN community. For the special offers you have to like and share that certain Facebook post in order to win. This price could be for example a PS Plus membership for 3 months membership or a 1 year membership. Also free PlayStation Store gift cards can be won. For more details and funny pictures please keep track of our Free PS Plus Facebook community page.

PSN Support Questions

Which PlayStation cards are available?
Since many gamers are unsatisfied about the regular costs for playing online on their PlayStation we offer free PlayStation Plus for 1 year. If you first want to try it out, you can also generate PlayStation Plus for 3 months. If you would like to purchase a game in PS Store, try out 50$ PlayStation Store card. Follow the steps on the homepage to receive your free PlayStation card.
Can you redeem codes on PlayStation app?
On the PlayStation app (Google Play as well as IOS) it is possible to enter PSN card numbers and promo codes. You can either fill in the code yourself or you’re the in-app camera function.
How do you get PlayStation Plus?
First you need to sign in to the Sony Entertainment Network. This is only possible when your device is connected to the internet. When you are signed in go to “media” and select “games”. Go through your games and when you find you PS Plus membership click on it. Here you can select “Automatic Renewal”.
How do you redeem a code on PS4?
Follow these steps: Settings, PS Network, Account information, Wallet, Add Funds. Here you can redeem the PSN code that you received from us. Take your time to fill in the code as it needs to be completely the same as provided to you. When you filled in the correct code, click “continue”, and you will see the content or credit has been added to your account.
How do you activate PlayStation Plus?
To active or deactivate, look for “activate as your primary PS4”. Here you can check your current subscription and make sure you won’t be without PS Plus again. You can do this by selecting auto-renewal under “account information”, “services”.
How much is PlayStation online?
Sony charges a monthly fee to play online. For 9,99$ you can play online unlimited. If you pay for 3 months it is 17,99$ (5,99$ per month) and for a year it is 49,99$ (4,17$). Unfortunately, the official PlayStation Network charges you for their online services. Try it out with us for free first.