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PlayStation knowledge 102

After great success of our previous PS4 tips and tricks article, we found more to help you getting the most out of your PlayStation. Hopefully this is some information that is new to you. Otherwise, you can always start generating your free PSN codes. Enjoy!

Sleep and work at the same time

Most people I know completely turn off there PS once they are done with gaming. Secondly, I hate it when I need to play with my controller connected because it is out of battery. This tip comes in very helpful, at least to me. Go to the option of power save settings. You can enable a few features when you PS is in rest mode. For example, your PS4 can continue to give power to the USB ports. This way your controllers will always be full of charge (Unless you game 24/7!). And you can also leave the internet on, PlayStation updates will go automatically.
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Show your gaming skills to the world, live!

No, don't brag too much. But we all have those days no one can beat you. On moments like this you can click on the share button and select broadcast. Here you need to select the service you want to use for broadcasting your amazing skills. You can get confirmation of others about your skills by enabling comments. Don't make a big deal out if it when there are just a few fans. It is all about fun, is it?

Know when your best friend is online

Not of all the people that are in your list you need to know who is online. For your best mates go to notifications and then when friends go online. Here is where you select those mates. Now you will be notified when they are online and can start play together.

A quick message

Sending a message with the PS keyboard does not always go that fast. The next time you have opened it try hitting the home button twice. This will take you back to the previous screen you opened on your PlayStation. Hit it one time you go to home.

Are you better than your friends?

Your PSN account keeps track of you and your friends achievements. If you are emotional or not a good gamer, please skip this tip. At your friends list you can go to trophies and compare them. Be careful making fun out of friends, PlayStation trophies can be a sensitive subject.

WiFi or LAN?

There should be no explanation needed on WiFi or LAN topic. No matter how good your WiFi is or Sony makes your PlayStation there is no way internet connection will be better. With LAN cables available of more than 10 yards you should be fine.

PlayStation Siri

No it is not as good as Siri from Apple but it is a nice feature. In order to make it work you do need to have a microphone though. When you are connected say "PlayStation" and "all comments". Your PS4 will reveal a list of all the possible voice commends that you can use. I can tell you it comes in quite handy when your thumbs start to hurt.

The PlayStation app for iPhone and Android

Even when you are not at home you can get a small piece of the action. You can check which friends are online and start downloading games. Your game will be ready when you get home.

Another PlayStation app

There is also a PS messenger app, it is similar to WhatsApp and Facebook messenger. Stay in touch with your gaming mates and challenge them on your way home.

PS and Spotify

Sony made a very good integration with Spotify into their system. Select your PS4 at connected devices at the bottom of the screen. Your phone and PlayStation do have to be connected to the same network. Now you can select songs on your phone and play them over the PS.

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