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Many people love to claim of being big know-it-alls, particularly when it comes to our favorite things like the Sony PlayStation network. However, despite of being die-hard fans, we only have very limited knowledge about PS. We all know the basic stuff like it was first launched some twenty years ago and has released several successive versions ever since. But is that all you know? There is so much more to this mega gigantic network that you should know about – as an admirer and religious PS gamer.

Unknown facts about PSN

Free PSN Codes PlayStation 2 designWell, there is definitely a lot that you don’t know about the PlayStation network. In fact, there are many facts that are only known by a handful of people while majority of us continue to live in the dark. Here is what you should definitely know about Sony PSN.

PlayStation first launched in Japan

Have you thought all this time that the very first PlayStation was launched by Sony all around the world simultaneously? Sony choose to launch it in Japan first in the later part of 1994. By the time it was available in other parts of the world, it had already sold over 100 thousand units in Japan.

Demo Games for PS1 and PS2

The best way to buy your favorite game is to first read up its review online? Well, think again because PlayStation offered a demo game for multiple games within a single CD for years. This trend was popular for all games made available for PS1 and PS2. You don’t know that, do you? It is time to check all those past game CDs now.

PS2 design was actually copied

Remember when the PlayStation 2 came out and we all went gaga over its insanely clever vertical design? The outlook of the PS2 became a big reason why we needed to get a replacement for the PS1. But there is a big secret behind the ultimate modified design. It was copied! Sony cleverly copied the design and made a little change to the overall outlook. The design was copied from the Atari’s 1993 model. Sony had copyrights over Atari Inc. by then and did not mention anything about copying designs of even taking inspiration! But a closer look at both in comparison makes it pretty clear this best-selling PS design was 100% stolen.

PS controller symbols

We all know how the game controller of the PlayStation made history with its revolutionized and unique design. It was definitely a change to see the traditional A and B or other bold alphabets being replaced with a zero and cross. We all assumed this to be just a creative substitute for the original alphabets. In reality the symbols were derived by a Japanese artist. He meant to represent yes with the cross and no with the zero. However, we all only know about the American version of the controller.

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