Dirt 4 PS4 Review

Dirt 4 Racing

What names come to your mind when you listen to the endless rally racing game? Dirt! No doubt. Dirt 4 its generated stages and significant career mode along with great visuals and immersive audio tracks that makes it one of the best Rally racing games.

Your Stage Dirt 4

Free PSN Codes Dirt 4 PS4“Your Stage” is the most amazing part of dirt 4 because you can create a track of your own choice simply using just two sliders, one for length and the other for complexity. You can also control the weather and time of the day for any stage you create. “Your stage” tool has five countries. These include Australia, The United States, Wale, Sweden, and Spain. Each of the offering different terrain will demand different skill from you behind the wheel. The most impressive thing about Your Stage is that it never makes it obvious that the stage is being built by algorithm. It rather makes you feel like it has been crafted by a bunch of humans. Your Stage is such a game changer for rally games with such characteristics.

Dirt 4 Visual and Audio

There’s still some lack of sharpness in racing space but still, great details are there. Water splash effects look surprisingly good. The caked dust effects on cars make them look pretty great and eye catching too. It is not just the damage after the race but also it gives the feeling of being pummeled on daily basis. The sound! It is just brilliant, blasting like burps of a mini gun and sweet sound from the exhaust. Play it with chase cam or inside the cabin, it is all in one treat type of thing. Dirt 4’s sound makes you feel pushing the machines to their limits. What else do you wish to have now?

The Two Physics Mode in Dirt 4

It has two physics modes: Simulation and Gamer. The Simulation mode makes you feel like you are in a real wrestle with the wheel and aerodynamic grips at higher speeds. In Gamer modes, different assets are available which can be turned off.
<2>Dirt 4 Career Mode
Career mode is also a big step up in rally racing. Where you are encouraged to build your own fleet so that you can participate in more events, series, and championships. The car mix is also good covering up all major eras of rallying but the 2000’s is not covered very well. Dirt 4 does not cover all the real world series but still, this is such a great game for the racing format. All these astonishing powerful cars will make you get addicted to it. There is also Dirt Fish Rally school where you can have rally lessons, joyriding, testing or genuinely fun time-attack events. There is also a multiplayer mode which also works well.

Conclusion about Dirt 4

Codemasters released such a masterpiece after years. It feels nostalgic when you start it. If you are looking for the best rally game, look no more. Get Dirt 4, take the seat and enjoy. The best thing about it is Your Stage, absolutely gorgeous!

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