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An external hard drive for your PS4

So now and then PlayStation comes with an update. The update to software 4.50 has something special, the possibility to get extra space on your PS4. From now on you can connect an external hard drive to store extra games and apps! Unfortunately, images and videos are not possible to store yet. Below you can find some instructions of the setup of a hard drive on your PlayStation.


Not every hard drive can connect to your PlayStation, there are some requirements. Make sure you check these before you buy a new external drive or start using your old one (You might need to format). The connection will go through USB 3.0 and there is a minimum storage required of 250 gigabytes. The maximum storage is 8 terabytes, respect if you can fill that up! PlayStation is smart by saying not every storage device will work. If you keep an eye on these two requirements it will most likely work, tried a few myself.
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Using your old hard drive

When you want to use your old external driver please make sure you make a back up of it. Because when you start using the driver for your PlayStation it is always recommended to format it. To format a driver there are a few different option. Therefore, PlayStation added an option into their settings that will help you. At the settings go to device menu and then to USB Storage Devices. Select the driver that you connected and select format as extended storage. Sony also tries to make sure you don't lose any date you don't want to lose, so they give some warnings. When you made sure you made a backup, click on OK.

Start filling up that extra space

As long as you keep the extra driver connected it will stay the default location where your downloads store. Of course you can change this at the settings. Go to storage select the preferred location and click the option button. Next to the new downloads, you can also transfer existing games and apps from your PlayStation to your external driver. Go again to settings and then to storage. Select system storage and then applications. Now click the option button and move to extended storage. Here you will get an overview of all the applications that are stored on your PlayStation. Select all the apps you want to move and start transferring (Keep in mind the space on your external driver).

Using your hard drive somewhere else?

Similar as to your computer it is recommendable to not just remove an USB. In order to remove the USB from your PlayStation go to sound and devices at the quick menu. Here you find the option to stop using external storage. After you see the pop up in your screen you can safely remove the driver. Personally I have never had any problems removing an USB from my computer without doing these steps. But on serious note, they recommend it to us for a reason. Get a free PSN gift card here and start downloading your PS4 games. Enjoy the extra data with this tip of free PSN codes!

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