Playstation experience 2016

The ultimate PlayStation experience!

We hope you were able to join free PSN codes at the Anaheim Convention Center or checked it online. It was simply amazing! With so many people who wanted to attend, there was just limited space. To get inside you first had to get yourself a PS experience badge. While you were getting your badge the day before, you already noticed you had to be in time if you wanted to get in. The waiting line was enormous! To get your badge you just had to bring your PSN ID or another verification method, I hope no one forgot. Eventually, I was very happy to see PlayStation organized everything very well though. Anyways, we got our badge on time but now had to make sure we were first in line to join the PlayStation showcase.

Special PS app

Free PSN Codes PlayStation Experience 2016
On the PlayStation blog we read about an app that got available on the same day as the showcase started. This app was very helpful and had many great features that solely made this weekend worth it. As there is so much to do while having limited time, the app helped us choosing what we wanted to do. Besides being our guide, the app provided us with some very nice giveaways from the PSN store. Since our badge was connected to our PS ID everything went very smooth. And no, you did not receive the giveaways by just attending. PlayStation had some nice objectives you had to complete throughout the weekend.

The PlayStation showcase

As mentioned earlier, when we picked up our badge we found out that a shocking amount of people came to this showcase. To make sure we could enter, we lined up at the break of dawn on Saturday the 3rd of December. The early morning was tough but worth it. We found out that many people couldn't enter as there was a first come first serve rule. For the showcase we were not in the first row but had great seats and an amazing time.


PlayStation made a lot games available to play. The problem was there were too many games to play in just one weekend. All of the games were great but Horizon Zero Dawn, NBA2KVR and Rainbow 6 were definitely my favorites of the weekend. They did great work on the games and I can recommend them to everyone!

PlayStation Collector Cards

Throughout the weekend you were also able to collect PlayStation cards. A few weeks before the PS experience they already made an announcement that the collector cards would come back. With a total of 37 different cards there was little collector side-game going on. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get them all. I saw a few people walking around with them but it was fairly difficult to get all the cards. A lot of quests you had to do together as well. I thought it was nice extra of PlayStation. Honestly, I was too focused on all the games that were around.
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