PlayStation Network Card

What is a PlayStation Network Card?

In 2006 PlayStation created a digital marketplace for its consoles. With your PlayStation account, is it on a PSP, PS3, PS4 (Pro) or vita, you are in connection with the Sony Network store. When you want to online purchase a game, video or other application on your Sony console, you need a balance. Therefore, you can use a PlayStation Network card. These cards contain a 12 figure code which can be redeemed onto your personal account.

Why would you use a PSN card?

Sony made it easy for you to make purchases in the online store. Therefore, a PlayStation Network card does not make sense to many people. Some may still think about 2011, when a hacker got into the online network of PS. Fortunately, the hacker was not able to get the credit card information. But due to this security breach, many online PlayStation gamers deleted their private information from their account. When you still want to use the online store, a PSN card can be very helpful.

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PlayStation gift card

Besides the safety, a PSN card is seen as a great gift. Until now, Sony does not have the option to send money through their network. Many people give a PSN card as a present. Therefore, is the PSN card also notorious as the PlayStation gift card. The gift card is to great solution to a lot of parents. Young children, who do not have their own credit card yet, can use the PlayStation store without any risk.

Other advantages

These days everything is more digital, the same goes for Sony. Despite all the stores that offer games, the online sales is a rising number. Some games, such as the Walking Dead, was at the release only available in the PlayStation store. This popular game got eventually in store but remained more popular digitally. Another great benefit to releasing games digitally is that it saves money for publishers. Imagine that a publisher does not need discs or stores anymore to distribute their product. When there is no middle man needed, perhaps it will lower the cost of future games.

A long PSN code

When you buy a card you will always keep the frustrating long code. Personally, it takes me at least three times filling in the correct code. Another disadvantage is the amount of money that is on a card. The PSN card is always a round number such as 10, 25 or 50 USD. They never launch a game that covers the same amount. In my opinion there are more pro's than cons to a PSN card. If you would like to try it out for yourself, I suggest to start with a free card.

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