PlayStation Plus Free Games October 2017

4 Latest Free Playstation Plus Games

PlayStation is a world of fantasy and creativity that opens up several new doors into a brand new world of imagination! We all are PS fans and have been so for years and years. However, over the years the traditional PlayStation gaming has evolved into several sub-categories as well to match up to varying needs of the gamers. PlayStation plus gamers are a different category of gamers who surely get to enjoy a gaming experience like never before!

PlayStation Plus Benefits

Free PSN Codes PS PlusThe perks of being a PlayStation plus gamer is that you get to enjoy free PS plus games every month on trial basis. This is only exclusive for the subscribed users. They actually get a chance to enjoy all latest free PlayStation plus games before buying them for money. There are no letdowns of playing free PlayStation plus games. It is actually a great thing to get an insight into a paid game before you subscribe to it.

Strike Vector EX

Combating on PlayStation, it seems like a blood racing visual treat for adventure gamers? Well, if the ace combat fails to be satisfactory enough for you, you can now enjoy the Strike Vector EX for an ethereal gaming experience. Battling on the battle grounds and being as competitive as you can dream of being. Strike Vector EX is the ultimate free PlayStation plus games to engage in combat and battle!

Handball 2017

Are you sick and tired of playing battle games or arcade games on the PS3 or PS4? Do you want to get sportier with your PlayStation gaming experience and bring out your best athletic side? Handball 2017 is destined to be the best game to bring out your athletic side. This game gives you a chance to compete against top plays from best international handball teams from around the world. It is your trial chance to become a champion.

Snakeball on PS4 and PS3

There is no secret that we all have been a die-hard fan of Snakeball ever since we got a chance to enjoy it on our popular 3310 Nokia phones! Well, great news is that you can now enjoy your favorite snakeball on your PS3 or PS4. This is the exclusive chance for the PlayStation plus gaming users to avail. Plus gamers can give this game a free trial and find out whether it is satisfying enough for their sporty nerves or not!

Assassin’s Creed: Freedom Cry

Assassin’s Creed is one of the most popular thriller games that has been a hit with all PS users since day one of its releases. These series started around 2 decades ago. Over the years, the Assassin’s Creed family has evolved rapidly. Today, it has come a long way from the Assassin’s creed IV: Black flag to the Assassin’s Creed: Freedom Cry. This game gives users a chance to explore and unveil the decade’s largest conspiracy against the French government. This is an engaging plot that gets your heart racing and blood pumping. It is surely worth a try.

The Free PlayStation Plus Games in October are sponsored by free PSN codes.

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