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VR games for PlayStation

Resident Evil 7 is the first game that introduced a total integration of the VR experience. Therefore, the amount of playing time increased tremendously. Some say the use of a VR set has doubled ever since. Get Resident Evil 7 for free with a code from free PSN codes and try it out yourself. What is even more exciting than Resident Evil, is the new game that is coming, Farpoint. This adventure/shooting game will also be completely in virtual reality and it comes with a PlayStation VR Aim Controller. In other words, the PlayStation VR gun.

Expectations about Virtual Reality

Free PSN Codes PlayStation VR Aim Controller with Resident Evil 7 Virtual reality has been on the market for a while now. While before the release the expectations of sales were not that high. People were saying that VR would become the biggest gaming and entertainment evolution since years. That being said, it still had to become true. At that time, even Sony was saying it had their doubt about virtual reality. It is generally known that when you release a new product or service you need to wait how the market will react. For example, what the demand and user experiences will be like. Based on the lack of knowledge about demand and experience Sony manufactured a limited amount of VR sets.

Selling the PlayStation VR headset

Due to all the excitement of a new product, you automatically assume a high manufacturing amount. Being careful in the back of their mind, Sony set in on low numbers. Eventually, it turned out Sony was too cautious. In Japan, the country where the PlayStation VR headset released, was a constant scarcity of headsets. Sony mentioned in an interview that in approximately four months, it sold about 1 million VR sets. The great demand in VR was a suprise to anyone from Sony. There are people that even had to stand in line in order to purchase a virtual reality set for their PlayStation.

VR competition

Sony is selling VR in combination with their PlayStation console. This is giving Sony a great advantage on big competitors such as the Facebook Oculus and HTC. There are cheaper VR sets available, but these sets use a phone for visuals. Unfortunately this is not coming close to the virtual experience you will get when you connect your set to a gaming console or computer. Research showed that the sales figures of Sony are more than double the amount of their competitors. While Sony is already being cheaper than others, it said to lower prices in the future. With lowering the price, Sony will try to reach most PS4 owners.

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