PlayStation vs Wii vs Xbox

Buyer’s Comparison: PlayStation vs Wii vs Xbox

If you are planning to buy a new game console, there might be a lot of confusion that you must be facing. The difficulty for choosing a brand new gaming console is valid because you have to take many things into consideration. The options are various too. We all love the Sony PlayStation network but what about the Wii and Xbox? They are definitely great gaming options as well. To make decision making easier, we have drawn a distinctive comparison between all three types of gaming consoles. The idea is to highlight everything good and bad about each console in order to make a wise buying decision that you will not regret later.


Free PSN Codes PlayStation vs Xbox vs WiiBefore we jump into talking about the technical specifications and details of each gaming console, here is a quick overview of the Sony PlayStation network as well as Wii and Xbox.


PlayStation comes with an interactive and responsive touchpad controller. This is the first highlight that you get together with the traditional analogue sticks and swift action motion control as well. The PS game also comes with an inbuilt camera that comes with active facial and voice recognition features.


The only thing that is a stand out feature for the Wii game in comparison to the other two is its own interactive touchscreen display that initiates a smoother user experience for the gamers.


Xbox is a legendary console right after the PlayStation gaming console. It is strong built and comes with a high definition screen display. The Xbox is very easy to use and comes with an efficient controls as well. Microsoft is expected to soon launch a brand new elite version Xbox.

Comparison: PlayStation vs Wii vs Xbox

After going through a brief overview of each game console, here is an in-depth insight about each game network on basis of its technical specifications.
1. Looks
The architecture and design for all gaming consoles in very important to consider before you make a final purchase. As far as the looks are concerned, we all know that PS is definitely hard to beat in that department. Xbox game console is definitely not far behind. The looks of Wii sure disappoints gamers with its average design.
2. Screen Display
The one thing that is a make or break for a gaming performance is the visual screen display. Interestingly, in this regard all three gaming consoles are almost the same. Each game network is a winner in this regard because they all come with a true high definition HD 1080p screen display for a seamless gaming experience.
3. Heating Issues
Running the game for hours increases the chance of damaging because of overheating or heat damage. There have been significant gaming issues reported for both the Sony PlayStation network as well as the Wii game. The Xbox game is definitely on top of the list in this regard. It comes with an inbuilt cooling system that keeps the internal temperature low for the device.

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