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Sony made a big surprise with the PS4 Pro. Not only is it an update to the great PlayStation 4, it also requires an update your display. Unless you already had a 4K screen. Honestly, to all the gamers that already have a PS4 it might seem quit similar. Besides the upgrade for 2160p support nothing has changed. Therefore, Sony made a statement that the Pro and the regular PS4 are family. This statement is made to make sure there are not any misunderstandings. There is no indication in old and many new titles that they are Pro supported. This would mean that the titles are playable on a 4K screen in max frames. A small hint, if you are sold and want to replace your old PS4 by a Pro, try the drive back-up. This is actually faster than connecting both PlayStation's. Replacing the hard drive would not work as all the drivers and PlayStation have an encryption key.

Results PS4 Pro test

As mentioned earlier, there is not much that has changed inside of the PlayStation. The Pro GPU is 911MHz to what was 800MHz in the PS4. During the power consumption and noise test interesting results came up. While the PS4 Pro uses more power than the PS4 slim, it is still more power efficient than certain models. The overall power consumption figures are amazing. It comes down to a great improvement in performance.
The noise was never a big issue but it can always become better. Many gamers had the hope that there would be a bigger fan, as this will need less spinning to have the same impact. Conclusion is that the noise is moreover the same than the PLayStation 4.

PS4 Pro game recommendations

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Every day there are coming more games that fit for the Pro. But as of writing this article there are a few games that simply looked great on the screen. Horizon Zero Dawn and Days Gone are showing what Sony can do with their state-of-the-art technology. When the HDR (high dynamic range) automatically pops on you will be stunned. On a serious not, if you do have the Pro but not the screen, please buy a 4K screen. A 1080p screen is good, but since this article is all about the Pro it is a kind recommendation.

PS4 Pro conclusion

For a current PS4 owner, it depends on the budget. The screen that you need to really enjoy the Pro is a big factor in your potential buy. If you do have the budget for it, I can encourage you to buy it. The graphs are amazing and as the original PS4 was already great, this is definitely an upgrade. If you do not have the budget or you are not a die-hard gamer I would not recommend spending on the Pro. Sure the graphs are a great improvement. But ask yourself, is the PS4 that you currently own so bad?

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