PS4 or PS4 Pro?

What is new on the PS4 Pro?

There are many people who do not think twice when a new PlayStation releases. Myself, being normally one of those early adopters, have checked the specifications this time and came to an interesting conclusion. With my low budget it will be a wise decision to keep my old PlayStation for a little while. The only main upgrade on the PS Pro is that the graphs will be twice as good as with the regular PS. Such an improvement, while the PS4 is great already! If you do have a 4K television you should consider the Pro though. The PS Pro will let you enjoy the 4K resolution, and I can tell it is amazing.

Keeping your PS4 alive

Luckily Sony keeps all new games available for PS4 as well as PS4 Pro. This way you will have some more time to decide whether you upgrade or not. Another advantages, what will help you and me saving money for now, is the firmware update. The PlayStation Pro is able to work with HDR, High Dynamic Range television. Due to the update our "old" PlayStation can do the same. Sony promised that it will keep supporting both models on the gaming content and updates.
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Why would you really buy the PlayStation Pro?

To get the real virtual reality experience, you can guess it. You will need the PS Pro. As mentioned before the only real upgrade of the Pro is that the graphics are approximately twice as good. Therefore, you get higher frame rates and the virtual game play will be much smoother. It is difficult to express the importance of the frame rates but to give you an idea, think about a bad internet connection. Nobody enjoys playing online when your screen is jumpy. The deal of a PS Pro together with the Sony virtual headset is incredible. Personally I never am one of the first buyers. But the first time I gamed with virtual reality I got some goosebumps.

Which PlayStation would you go for?

The PS4 Pro is definitely an upgrade if you are into virtual reality, have the money to spend and have a television with 4K. If none of these is applicable to you I suggest you wait for the next generation of Sony. The Pro is 100 USD more expensive and when you don't mind about graphics the game play is the same. Generate your PSN codes now and start free shopping in the PSN store.

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