What is PSN?

When Sony released PlayStation 3, it found a way to obtain a relation with its customers. This relationship can last thanks to the PlayStation Network. Another name for the PlayStation Network is PSN. This network permits PS3 and PSP (PlayStation Portable) customers to associate with the web and play their most loved games with individuals all around the globe. PSN was announced in 2006 at an interview and released when PS3 first hit stores. The PSN is free for everybody; it permits the utilization of the web, the PlayStation Store, and the PlayStation Home. Being very different from Xbox (Microsoft Points) and Wii (Nintendo Points).

PlayStation Wallet

PSN utilizes a wallet-like-framework where you can add substantial cash to this virtual wallet. When you purchase something from the store, it will simply make the exchange from that point. There are a few approaches to add cash to this wallet. Some of these are: Credit Cards, PlayStation Network Cards and tickets which you can buy in many stores all around the globe. Both ways are fairly simple, for the credit card you enter your card information when you want to make a purchase. For the PSN cards, you fill in a 12 digit code that you will receive with the card.

PlayStation Network logo

The PlayStation Store

The PS Store is an online commercial center for PS4 Pro, PS4, PS3 and PSP clients. Gamers can download full games, contents, and motion picture/game audits from here. The store gets updated every Tuesday. The PS Store was not accessible for quite a while given the PS network blackout. At free PSN Codes we give you the opportunity to generate PSN codes for free. These PSN codes can be used online in the PlayStation store for purchases.

PlayStation Plus

As the PlayStation Network is partially free, there is an optional service with a month to month charge. The PlayStation Plus (otherwise called PS+) will permit its clients to get the most up to date game demos, program upgrades, premium content and more. With PlayStation Plus you can do all of this while having the capacity to utilize the standard PSN applications. PlayStation players can purchase a three-month or yearly membership. An extra is that North American clients receive a membership to Qore as a present.


Qore is an online magazine for PlayStation Network. At present, it is only found in North America. It gives a very scarce footage, exclusive access to the game demos and interviews. All recordings are in High-Definition. FirstPlay is another online PlayStation magazine. However, this is solely for individuals from the UK. It is published weekly instead of once a month.


PlayStation repair is a service of Sony. Because Sony produces so many products for the PlayStation, sometimes it can turn out badly. Among others, the PS3 laser substitution + PS3 YLOD. Therefore, every once a while a PS3 repair is required. These PlayStation repairs are essential to keep the console healthy. The PlayStation repair costs go higher as the case gets more serious. Another tip is to get free PSN codes now.

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