PlayStation VR Review

PlayStation Virtual Reality Review We all live in a time when technology has certainly taken over our lives. In fact, we have become a slave to our technological needs and desires in many ways. The dependency has led to the advanced development of technology in one way to another. And the PlayStation VR is certainly […]

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Free PSN Codes PlayStation VR Aim Controller with Resident Evil 7

PlayStation Virtual Reality

VR games for PlayStation Resident Evil 7 is the first game that introduced a total integration of the VR experience. Therefore, the amount of playing time increased tremendously. Some say the use of a VR set has doubled ever since. Get Resident Evil 7 for free with a code from free PSN codes and try […]

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Free PSN Codes PS4 and PS4 Pro with VR

PS4 or PS4 Pro?

What is new on the PS4 Pro? There are many people who do not think twice when a new PlayStation releases. Myself, being normally one of those early adopters, have checked the specifications this time and came to an interesting conclusion. With my low budget it will be a wise decision to keep my old […]

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