Tekken 7 PS4 Review

Tekken 7 on PlayStation

Remember mashing buttons hard when you were a kid in a famous fighting game known as “Tekken”. Well now “Tekken 7” has been released, an addition to its staggering complexity. This is familiar to the previous version with more deliberate controls which means moving around or jumping carelessly can be disastrous for you. If you have played Injustice 2 you will notice that Mishima Saga took a similar approach like Injustice 2’s story mode.

Tekken is the best fighting game available

Free PSN Codes Tekken 7 PS4 ReviewThis serie with its improved mechanics, cosmetics and storyline remain to be the most technical fighting game on the planet. As stated above these changes in combos that reduced the damage will force you to make difficult decisions. Changing stages, movements, positioning, everything affects the performance optimization. Tekken is the best in fighting games, with Tekken 7 as the best one in the whole series.

Customization in Tekken

You won’t be disappointed by the customization options for its characters. You can select from costumes to the attack’s effects. You can match costumes by mixing up top and bottom pieces as you like them! Another simple yet the best thing which can make you unique during online matches is that you can choose frames of your choice for health bar from the hundreds that are available.

Tekken Tweaks

Excellent cosmetics apart, encouraging newbies mechanics during combat has improved a lot. These tweaks are useful in case of few characters but they can put you in danger with characters like Paul and King lacking strong training attacks. Now the damage because of the combo is less as compared to Tekken 6 because of reduced damage scaling. However, keep practicing combos to make crucial attacks when the opponent makes some mistakes.

Sounds in the fighting game Tekken

The soundtrack of drums and bass bangers is beyond awesome. You can choose any of your favorite tracks from every single part of Tekken and play it. You can substitute your favorite songs in stages, that is all in your hand! Including all the music this will fly you away to the good old times. It took me back to the time when I used to play Tekken 3 with my friends after school.

Play Tekken online

Online multiplayer is smooth with a strong internet connection, however, there was a drop during matchmaking on weak connections.
You can unlock extra content by completing matches in an online tournament, treasure battle, or by spending fight money.

Conclusion on this Tekken 7 review

Tekken 7 is one of the best fighting game crafted which keeps a fine balance between newcomers to series and retaining technical traditions. And so many customization options make it one of the best available. So if you are a newbie you would love to try it out and if you are playing it for a while you are definitely waiting to experience this awesome craft. Beyond all this, if you are new and never played it and no matter what your skill set is, you can always pick Eddie and just start bashing the kick buttons. Yes, you can still win with Eddie.

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