7 tips and tricks for PS4

You never knew this about your PlayStation

Many of you may have been a loyal PlayStation fanatic through the years. Playing on your favorite console day in day out. Due to software updates new features get added without your knowledge. In this article you will find some new tips and tricks that you never knew before. Hope you enjoy and please leave a comment below. You can also start generating your PSN gift card right away!

Tip 1, Be online while appear offline

Keep your privacy at all times. No longer everybody needs to see that you are on your PlayStation 24/7. There are two ways to show a offline status. On the home screen you can click on your profile and select your offline status. You are offline now, but you already signed so friends who have paid attention might have seen you. If you want to avoid such a situation, option two comes in handy. As soon as you start up your PlayStation, go to your profile and click the option button. Here you can select log in online and appear offline.
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Tip 2, The brightness of your controller

Personally I never experienced it as a problem. But if you do, change your controllers' brightness. Press and hold the home button. At sound and devices you can adjust the brightness. It is also possible to completely turn it off. Your controller might even last a little bit longer!

Tip 3, Controller volume

As all of you gamers know, your controller contains a speaker. There are moments there is some idiot on the other side that cannot keep his mouth shut. At these situations you can adjust the volume of your controller. Just as with the brightness hold the home button. The first option lets you control the volume, you are welcome.

Tip 4, PlayStation Plus library

There was a time PlayStation Plus members were downloading a new selected game from Sony once a month. With limited space on your PS it was just a matter of time that you would run out of gigabytes. For PS Plus members, as long as you keep paying, you can use the PlayStation library. The games that you have added to your personal library are available to download whenever you want.

Tip 5, Easy screenshot

Playing a game and making this awesome move that you want to brag about. Oh, too late for a screenshot (For those who not know how to make a screenshot, hold the share button on your controller). Recognizable? Make your screenshot faster by simply adjusting the function of your share button. Go to options and select sharing and broadcast. Here you go to the control type of the share button. Easy screenshot will help you capture your best PlayStation moments.

Tip 6, PlayStation remote

No, not a special remote for your PlayStation. But I do give you a tip on how to connect the remote control of your television to your PS. At the option system in the settings of your PlayStation you will see HDMI device link. Enable this and then go to your television settings to do the same. Officially it is called HDMI-CEC, consumer electronics control. Almost every television brand is using a different name. Therefore, Google is always there to help you.

Tip 7, Chat groups

Keep easily in touch with your main PS group. On your PlayStation at friends, you can click on favorite group. Select your best friends and as a result you can communicate with them in some new ways.

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