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If you are just like me and you play that same game over and over again, you should keep on reading. Some games are very addictive and you keep playing the same game for years. Now, with help of this article, you can find some refreshment. PlayStation continues to upgrade their game portfolio and released some awesome new ones over the years. From a shooter to a sports game, there are games available for everyone. This article is their to help you find a new game for many more hours of PlayStation entertainment.

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Horizon Zero Dawn PS4

Horizon Zero Dawn is an action game that is developed by Guerilla games. The game is only available on PlayStation 4. In the game you are Aloy, a women that lives in a land that is under control by robots. In this world, as like in many action games, Aloy needs to kill a lot of enemies and try to stay alive. For Aloy there are many different ways to kill, my favorite is the melee. The map is huge and you will definitely need some time to explore this game. Highly recommendable so try it out if you have the chance.

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Fallout 4 PS4

PlayStation is not all about action games as you will find out further on in this top 10. But for now, Fallout 4! The game is available for computer, Xbox and PS and is developed by Bethesda game studios. In the game play you go into the future in the city Boston. The timeline in the game Fallout is impressive because each game in the series is a follow up of what happened in the the previous game serie. As the sole survivor you need to develop and complete quests. Fallout 4 received many awards and is among other things recognized for the in game depth and content.

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Fifa 17 PS4

Every year a knew FIFA releases. Most surprisingly is that every year EA Sports find a new way to positively shock fanatics and critics. They surprise in not only the game play but also which professional player is on the cover. In FIFA 17 Marco Reus is the chosen one. Enjoy the series that started in 1995 and try out one of the amazing game modes that FIFA has to offer. Don't forget it is "Football" and not "soccer" as the Americans may say.

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GTA 5 on the PS4 is absolutely great. Ever since Rockstar released the first Grand Theft Auto I have been a great fan, just as many other. The game is available on Xbox, PlayStation and computer. The fifth GTA is taking place in San Andreas, which is actually the south of California. When you start the single player you should explore the map. There is so much to do, you can go by foot, bike, tank, boot and more. The goal is to accomplish missions and earn respect of other gangsters. In three days Rockstar earned 1 billion USD and became the fastest selling product in the world. On the other hand, to develop GTA has costed 256 million. I hear a lot of positive stories about the online multiplayer but have not tried it myself yet.

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Hitman PS4

The game Hitman is so popular that in 2007 it got its own movie. At this moment there are 2 movies and already 6 different games of Hitman released. The idea behind the game is fairly simple, assassin. How you do, it does not matter. This leaves a lot of space for your assassin creativity. The more professional you can kill someone, the more points you will obtain.

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Watch Dogs 2 PS4

Watch Dogs 2 describes the life of a fictionalized hacker in the San Francisco area. As in many games the goal is to complete different kinds of missions. Afterwards you can upgrade your character and become more skilled. What is very interesting about Watch Dogs is that besides all the violence, hacking is the main thing to complete missions. The game is available on PS4, Xbox and Microsoft Windows.

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Uncharted PS4

Uncharted is developed by Naughty Dog and published by Sony. The games of uncharted are so good that critics have been saying it raised the standard of gaming. As a treasure hunter you go through all kinds of action elements. The action figure, Nate, is surviving in the wilderness with just a few weapons. When you gain more points you can rank up and purchase new weapons or other gear. There are 4 uncharted games released, I am wondering how the next game will look like.

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Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider, what is there to tell. You play the role as the beautiful Angelina Jolie, in the movie and game known as Lara Croft. You need to combine your skills in exploring, survival and of course show some girl power! Despite of all the action in the game, I was very font of the assignments. After you complete a quest or puzzle, it is possible to move on to the next. The online multiplayer lets you compete in a few different maps. Team death match reminded me of Call of Duty. As a result, it was the online multiplayer version I have been playing frequently. In conclusion you could say I am a big fan of the online version of Tomb Raider.

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Rocket League

Due to many lazy Sundays I got addicted to Rocket League. Most of all when you are with friends. The game play is simple and clear. Therefore, I think it is so popular. Because soccer is so popular Psyonix most likely was thinking lets try soccer with a new jacket. No soccer players but just with a car. The only goal you have, is to score in the goal of the opponent. In addition to this popular game, I recommend some practice because you might get shattered in the online game play.

I hope you will find a new favorite game. If you have any other ideas about a game that should be added to the top 10, please comment below.

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